Can I Use Essential Oils While Pregnant?

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 07, 2021

Can I Use Essential Oils While Pregnant?

You are embarking on an incredible adventure, but you might also feel you’re entering a bit of a minefield. Generally, we’re all used to following our instincts for what makes us feel good, and when you’re pregnant, you need more TLC than ever. But you naturally want to make sure everything you’re doing is safe for both you and bump. So if you’re used to reaching for the essential oils in times of stress, aches and fatigue, you can rest assured that almost all NEOM products are safe to use while you’re pregnant. Hooray! Read on to discover our favourite essential oil products for pregnancy, and as always if you are unsure, consult your GP or midwife before use.

For Your Body

Stretch marks…swollen ankles…sometimes the task of growing a human can take its toll. But you don’t have to switch out your favourite natural products if you don’t want to. Our founder Nicola swears by our Body Oils:

“When I was having my two babies (they’re now 12 and 10), I used Body Oil all over. The organic safflower base is so nourishing (and a brilliant source of fatty acids) and also soothed the dry skin and was amazing on stretch marks”.

And if you were wondering about using peppermint oil while pregnant, our Great Day Body Scrub and Great Day Face Wash contain just the right amount to be wonderfully cooling. A little tip from us: try the scrub on your tired feet or achy calves. Bliss.

Body Oil Body Scrub

For Relaxation

Both bergamot oil and lavender essential oil are wonderfully relaxing while pregnant, and in life in general! Our Pillow Mist in particular is so soothing, and there’s nothing like our Scent to De-Stress range to set up your home for a shot of calm. Day and/or night. Speaking of which, if interrupted sleep is becoming a problem during your pregnancy, now might be the time to make sure you’re covering the basics of sleep hygiene.

Scent to de-stress

For Aches And Pains

Getting your vitamin and mineral balance right is SO key, and making sure your magnesium intake is optimised can bring a ton of benefits in itself, but also make sure your other vitamins are working their hardest. You can get a boost of magnesium through our Body Butters, and when you opt for the fresh and fruity Great Day Magnesium Body Butter you get that cooling mint relief for achy legs, AND a proper boost of the mineral.

Take it from us, pregnancy is not the time to be cutting the things you love out of your self-care routine. Your favourite NEOM products are safe, and here for YOU.

Great Day Magnesium Body Butter

What Makes Our Products Safe?

Essential oils are, essentially, a very high concentration of potent plant power. And like any treatment or therapy, they are absorbed directly when applied to your skin. In their purest form they can be much too highly concentrated for use while pregnant, but when mixed with ‘carrier’ products like other oils, they are diluted enough to be safe, but strong enough that you still feel the benefits. And there are a few less than comfortable aspects of pregnancy that are eased by the soothing scent and relaxing power of an essential oil…

wellbeing pod

The ONLY product of ours to be avoided are our Bath & Shower Drops and 10ml Essential Oil Blends in the bath – the essential oil blends are perfectly safe in the Wellbeing Pod Diffuser however, so you can still get your aromatherapy fix through scent.

Body Oil Pillow Mist Great Day Magnesium Body Butter Pod Starter Pack

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