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Beautifully light mists that fill your home with wellbeing fragrances to help you sleep, de-stress, boost your energy or lift your mood. Spritz on curtains, cushions and bed linen and the essential oils will be released into the air. |

These natural home sprays will release beautiful aromas and scents in any room in your house. Harnessing the power of pure essential oils, these natural mists are free from synthetic chemicals and ingredients.

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The New Home Haven Gift Set



Essential Oil Home Mists to Calm Your Senses

We have a passion for essential oils and the wellness benefits they can bring to both you and your house. Our collection of home sprays utilise an abundance of scents to create a wonderful essential oil blend that you can spritz around your abode. With notes of lavender, jasmine, and Brazilian rosewood, you’ll feel calmed the moment the scent fills the air. 

Whilst reed diffusers and natural candles can create a sustained aroma, home sprays are perfect for when you want to instantly add a touch of freshness to the air. Whether it’s for when you’ve finally got a bit of me-time, to sit and feel relaxed by destressing home mist, or for creating an enviable atmosphere for imminent guests - you and your family will adore our house mists.

The Benefits of NEOM Home Sprays

Harnessing the power of pure essential oils, the light mist of home sprays bring many benefits. 

  • De-stress - The core focus of our home sprays is to help you destress in your safe haven of the house. Carefully blended, you’ll find the fragrance provides the ultimate moment of calm.
  • Better sleep - Many of us struggle with sleep, but quieting our minds with the power of an essential oil room mist, could help you nod off.
  • Spray on fabrics - For long-lasting notes, you can spray your mist onto cushions, curtains, and beddings. Why not pair it with a soothing pillow mist to truly treat yourself.
  • Spray in air - For instant freshness, spritz your chosen aroma into the air around your abode.

Give a Gift of Wellbeing with a Home Spray Set

We all want to provide our loved ones with some TLC, and giving them the gift of a home spray can do exactly that. Whether given alone as a pick-me-up treat, or as part of a wellness gift set, this thoughtful present is sure to help them relax. Our carefully curated sets feature a natural home mist, with a combination of other wellbeing goodies. From nourishing body butters, to warming massage candles, and even luxurious bath foams. All in matching fragrances to their new home spray, they’ll truly be able to pamper themselves thanks to you.

Wellness Moments with NEOM

Modern life can leave us feeling stressed, tired, lacking energy, and down in mood. We aim to create 3 wick candlessleep diffusers and nourishing skincare that uses the powers of essential oil to rebalance your wellbeing.