Wellbeing Pod Mini - Essential Oil Diffuser in Black

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Cleverly created to scent small spaces or for use on-the-go, our Wellbeing Pod Mini is both waterless and wireless to give you a wellbeing boost anywhere, anytime.   Whatever your wellbeing need, we have an Essential Oil Blend for every mood or moment to help you with better sleep, less stress, more energy or a lifted mood.   Simply screw in your chosen Essential Oil Blend bottle and you’re good to go.   Our smallest, most compact and travel-friendly Wellbeing Pod   Great for your home office, guest bathroom or even for taking with you in the car  With no need for water, diffuse straight from the bottle  Easy to use and no need to empty Battery powered to work...

Wellbeing Pod Mini - Essential Oil Diffuser in Black

In stock
Collect 330 NEOM points
In stock
Collect 330 NEOM points
How to use
  1. Firstly, make sure your Wellbeing Pod Mini is charged. 
  2. Next, choose your NEOM Essential Oil Blend and screw the bottle into your Wellbeing Pod Mini. 
  3. Adjust the intensity settings to suit your preference. 
  4. Switch up your Essential Oil Blend to match your mood or moment and recharge with the USB cable when needed. 

Please do not soak your Wellbeing Pod Mini in water and be sure to only use NEOM Essential Oil Blends.

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