The Super 3: A Heavyweight Trio of Essential Oils for your skin

Sweet orange oil, mandarin oil and geranium oil are SO effective, and they’re in our face oil. Allow us to introduce the super 3.

The Super 3: A Heavyweight Trio of Essential Oils for your skin

They’re effective, they’re natural and they’re in our Face Oil. We like to call them the super 3: sweet orange oil, mandarin oil and geranium oil. Their properties pack a powerful punch to help reduce signs of premature ageing, reduce inflammation, boost collagen, clear up acne and more. They’re the antibacterial free radical fighters your skin NEEDS. And if you weren’t aware of them before, here’s why these 3 are so super...

Sweet Orange Oil

In science: As the name would suggest, sweet orange oil is cold-pressed from the rinds of sweet oranges. It’s currently involved in a number of studies looking at its effectiveness in fighting nasty bacteria, and for its effectiveness in fighting symptoms of depression and anxiety.

On your skin: The same antioxidants that make sweet orange oil a bacteria-fighter are brilliant at counteracting ageing free radicals from pollution and other skin stresses. Plus, its antibacterial qualities make it fantastic for use on acne-prone skin, promising to clean and soothe without being drying. Using this ingredient also actually changes your skin, making you more efficient at absorbing vitamin C, producing collagen and keeping blood flow going, all of which are essential for keeping wrinkles at bay.


Mandarin Oil

In science: Like its citrus cousin sweet orange oil, mandarin oil is similarly antioxidant and astringent, which has led to investigation into its cleansing and antibacterial properties. It’s also used as a natural remedy for insomnia, making it perfect for use at the end of the day or in amongst your bedtime skincare routine.

On your skin: One of the most wonderful things about this oil is how gentle it is. It tightens and firms while being non-irritating, and its healing properties help to reduce acne, scars, wrinkles and age spots without harsh and drying side effects. Its excellent cleansing abilities help with acne as well as general removal of grime and makeup residue, and it actively helps balance sebum production, so not only are breakouts cleared, but you see long-term benefits too.

Geranium Oil

In science: Aside from being a skincare hero, geranium oil has made waves in science and medicine. Like our other super oils, it’s incredibly good at cleansing and fighting bacteria, with one study finding it almost as effective as amoxicillin. Other studies have shown geranium oil’s effectiveness for depression and allergies. All from a humble flower!

On your skin: Knowing how powerful this oil is in general means it comes as no surprise to learn it’s wonderful for your skin. Ancient Egyptians knew it, and we’ve been using it ever since. It’s known to help with increasing circulation, reducing wrinkles and reducing inflammation. It’s cleansing and astringent, giving skin a natural glow. And perhaps best of all it’s great on all skin types, giving nourishment to dry skin and clearing up congestion and excess oil, while remaining gentle and safe on more serious conditions like broken capillaries, dermatitis and eczema.

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