Naturally Good for You and Your Hands

While hand washing may be higher up on your list of priorities these days, not many of us would consider it an act of self-care.

Naturally Good for You and Your Hands

While hand washing may be higher up on your list of priorities these days, not many of us would consider it an act of self-care. But now, thanks to our new sustainable Hand & Body Wash & Lotion collection, you can care for your hands and feel good while you’re doing it. Read on to discover all about the new naturals on the block…

The New Naturals

Natural may be an oft-used beauty buzzword but when it comes to formulations that you use all day every day, it’s important to know what you’re putting on your skin. If you’ve been washing your hands more often than usual, you’ll know that in your quest to keep them clean, your skin can end up feeling drier, rougher and stripped of essential moisture. Luckily, we believe that cleanliness and luxury don’t have to be mutually exclusive; our new sustainable line up of hand & body washes and lotions use 97% naturally derived ingredients and 100% natural essential oils that work hard to not only offer a pretty-pleasing sensorial escape every time you use them, but also effectively cleanse nourish and soften your body & hands without stripping the skin.

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Ingredients That Make a Difference

Whether it’s that diligent daily hand washing, morning shower or as part of your pre-bedtime soothing routine, at NEOM, we believe that every wash and smother of lotion should be an opportunity for a little self-care. This is why our new sustainable Hand & Body Washe s & Lotions are all formulated with ingredients with anti-bacterial properties, are super moisturising and have wellbeing boosting power so go the extra mile whilst caring for your skin. To promote softer, smoother and more supple skin, both our Great Day Hand & Body Wash and our new Complete Bliss Hand & Body Wash are loaded with mineral-rich seaweed, antioxidising pomegranate and softening aloe vera, and vitamin E. Whilst the lotions contain macadamia and grape seed oil, sea buckthorn fruit extract, shea butter and argan oil which (because of its content of squalene and fatty acids)is brilliant for locking in moisture.

And, for a wellbeing boost every time you use them, both formulas harness the power of aromatherapy through the use of 100% natural, pure essential oils to truly elevate the everyday. Far from just smelling incredible, these essential oils actually stimulate the smell receptors in the nose, which then communicate with the limbic system in the brain to change the way you think and feel. While the uplifting Great Day Duo contains mood-enhancing wild mint and mandarin, the calming Complete Bliss Duo features Moroccan blush rose mingled with zesty lime and black pepper.

All New Sustainable Packaging

As well as beautiful formulations and a built-in wellbeing boost, our new sustainable Hand & Body Washes & Lotions are housed in 100% recycled and recyclable plastic bottles, a small difference that makes being more sustainable that little bit easier. So, as well as working hard to keep your hands and body soft, moisturised and feeling fresh with our all-natural formulas, you can feel even better about your beauty routine, and keep your conscience as clean as your skin.

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