Tried & Tested: Perfect Night’s Sleep Overnight Facial Cream

Our Brand Manager, Lucy tried it for one month and here’s what she thought…

Tried & Tested: Perfect Night’s Sleep Overnight Facial Cream

When I heard about the plans for this innovative night cream last year, it sounded exactly what my skin needed. A hydrating night cream packed full of skin-loving ingredients that would work it’s magic whilst I slept, and I could wake up to great skin? I mean who wouldn’t want that?

One of the perks of my job meant I was able to get my hands on this pot of magic a few months before the launch and have ever since been fully committed to using it every night since. Here are the six reasons I love it and why it’s now a non-negotiable in my nightly skincare routine…

1. It’s Incredibly Hydrating

My skin type is, and always has been dry. No matter what the weather or what I put on it, dryness is always up there with one of my main skin concerns. I’ve tried several serums and creams all with big promises and whilst some have helped, I’ve never felt like my skin is truly quenched until I tried this. Expertly formulated with hyaluronic acid (which we all know is the gold standard when it comes to hydration) alongside a ceramide complex derived from organic olive oil which helps to support the renewal of our protective skin barrier to help seal moisture in for longer, I had high hopes. After applying it the first night, I was impressed with how hydrated my skin looked and felt the next morning which leads me on to my next point…

2. My Makeup Sits Better

Fellow dry skin sufferers will know what a struggle it can be to get your makeup to sit nicely and last the day, but I’ve genuinely felt my makeup sits better due to my skin having had a good drink throughout the night. This has been a longer-term benefit of the cream and one which I was not expecting – so much so, I have in fact been able to go without my usual hydrating primer.

3. It’s Helped The Appearance Of Fine Lines

Alongside dryness, my other concern is ageing. My 40-year-old skin needs all the help it can get when it comes to tackling pesky fine lines and, in all honesty, I’d succumbed to the fact that nothing was genuinely going to help, and I was best just embracing them. Whilst I did notice a slightly plumping effect the next morning after night one, the results have been a little more obvious now I’ve been using it religiously for over four weeks. A friend even commented the other day that I looked fresh-faced which I will absolutely take with two kids in tow.

4. It’s Easily Slotted In To My Existing Routine

When it comes to skincare, I prefer to keep things simple and I’m most definitely a minimalist. I don’t like to overload my skin with too many products so was glad that this has multiple benefits thanks to its potent formula and luxuriously thick texture. On night’s I just need to get to bed ASAP, this is more than enough after a double cleanse which has helped me stick to using it. If I have a little more time, I’ll use our Face Oil and NEW Roller to give my skin an extra boost.

5. It Harnesses The Power Of Magnesium

Our Magnesium Body Butters are a staple in my daily routine for so many reasons but one of them is due to them being infused with the wonder mineral magnesium. I’m always shocked to hear that up to 80% of us are lacking in magnesium – especially as it’s one of the most crucial minerals for our overall health and wellbeing. The magnesium in this cream acts as a gentle exfoliator which helps to smooth out my skin and rid any dead skin cells which are lurking on the surface. I’m sure this is another reason why my makeup is sitting better. The inclusion of magnesium is also an added bonus to my skin as it has anti-inflammatory benefits too.

6. It Helps Me To Sleep

Infused with one of my favourite NEOM scents, our Perfect Night’s Sleep aroma uses lavender, chamomile and patchouli to help you relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep. I always have a Pillow Mist by my bed or light the candle, but this cream now completes my wind-down ritual. Applying it to my face means the scent really does stay with me too. It’s light enough and subtle enough that it’s not overpowering in the slightest, but I can still get a gentle whiff of it as I’m drifting off at night.