Why YOU should be using a Face Oil too

Dubbed 'liquid gold', natural Face Oils have so many brilliant skincare benefits.

Why YOU should be using a Face Oil too

Dubbed 'liquid gold', natural Face Oils have so many brilliant skincare benefits. But even though it's clear the benefits are through the roof, some think using an oil is simply insane (you have oily skin right?), or perhaps you're just okay with your moisturiser.

Whatever your skin, here's why you SHOULD be using a face oil too. By three beauty journalists - Frankie Graddon, Fashion & Beauty Journalist, Nicola Bonn from the Outspoken Beauty Podcast and Chanelle Ho (Beauty Journalist for the likes of Grazia and Porter Magazine) who bust some face oil myths.

Should you use a Face Oil if you have oily skin?

Feel like you should steer clear of loading your skin with oils, because you have oily skin? Think again. Chanelle says, "Oils can actually help to stabilise and regulate the overproduction of sebum (ie your skin's natural oil)." Nicola agrees, "Face oils can actually really help oily skin. The right oil can clear breakouts, balance your skin and nourish all at once". So if you use harsher products that are stripping your skin, your skin will actually produce more oil.

"People are worried that it will make their skin feel greasy, which is doesn't! Our mums grew up on cold creams and many of us continued that tradition of a rich cream before bed. However, something that sinks in quickly and feels lighter is starting to feel much more appealing. Plus if you have oily skin, regulating your sebum production by using something nourishing like oil has massive benefits". Says Frankie.

Should I use essential oils on my skin?

Essential oils are rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and hydrating, and as expert Aromatherapist Kim told us lately, they have such great properties for the skin - from helping balance out moisture, to helping reduce redness and more.

"When balanced and blended properly they can be hugely beneficial. It's all about getting the right oils and the right levels, which NEOM aces." Says Frankie. Nicola says "I'm a huge fan of essential oils and whilst not all of them are suitable to be used on the skin, the right one can relax you, improve your skin's texture and so much more. Essential oils can make a real difference to your health and wellbeing."

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In your opinion, what are the best ingredients to have in a Face Oil?

Chanelle instantly mentions rosehip oil which is overflowing with fatty acids and vitamin A, "rosehip oil is also an incredible antioxidant and one of the best ingredients to help dry skin through winter months." "I have dehydrated skin" says Frankie, "so I'm a lover of hyaluronic acid which helps your skin retain moisture. Vitamins are important; everyone is talking about vitamin C at the moment and this is great for protecting your skin and boosting collagen". Nicola chooses jojoba. "It's so good for oily skin. Marula is for dehydrated days."

How do you use Face Oil?

Frankie: "I've been using the NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Face Oil after cleansing, before I put anything else on my skin. I put three drops into my palm, rub my hands together then take a deep sniff - the smell is incredible. Then I massage it all over my face and neck. If I'm feeling really dehydrated I'll stick a night cream on top."

Chanelle: "My skin is quite sensitive so I only use it when my skin feels really dry or needs some TLC. About twice a week and always on a Sunday night - it's my evening to pamper myself and 'reset' my skin for the following week. I will cut back on my other products (e.g. serum, toner etc) so as not to clog up my pores so I just double cleanse, apply the face oil and a tiny bit of moisturiser and lip balm."

Nicola: Simply "I love to massage it in as the last step of my routine."

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