Five Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

Feeling flat, and a little lacklustre? Missing your usual pizzazz? Here are five of our favourite ways to put some natural pep in your step.

Five Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

2020 seems to be a never-ending cycle of strange, so it’s no wonder 39% of you told us you were lacking in energy, and feeling flat-as-a-pancake. IT’S NOT JUST YOU. There are plenty of us experiencing the same thing, and when times are rough, our energy levels can suffer. We’re not here for workout guilt – it’s important to be kind to yourself - but if you’re at the stage of reaching for an energy bar or extra caffeine boost to get through your day, there are plenty of natural things to try first (but if all else fails coffee us up!)

Move in the morning

We’re no stranger to the joy of a duvet day, but when your lie-ins are more frequent than they should be, try shifting your yoga or workout routine to just after you wake up. Yes, we know, this simple tip sounds like climbing Mount Everest when you’re in bed, but trust us, even some stretching in the am can make a difference to your overall energy levels. WHY? Cortisol (your stress hormone) peaks in the morning, so exercising then lets you regulate it better. You’ll also get an endorphin boost which will cast a little happy glow over the rest of your day, and leave you more active overall. Helpful when you’re working from home. Any if you managed to do a workout the day before and are feeling a little achy, find out how magnesium could help your workouts.

Feed your energy

As tempting as they might be, an energy bar or extra espresso might feel like it’s doing the trick, but it’s causing you to spike and crash. Not good for the overall energy levels. Start your day with slow-release foods like porridge if you can, and try to get some protein – one way to combat the hazy brain feeling that comes with being groggy and low energy. Oh and you can still treat yourself! Making time for proper meals is a wonderful way to break up your day and keep the motivation going. Here’s some great inspiration from Melissa Hemsley if you’re looking for something new to try.

Melissa Hemsley

Light and water

This is SO SIMPLE and good advice we all need reminding of sometimes, but: open the curtains, go outside and stay hydrated! Natural light helps set your body clock, so it’s really important you’re not staying in the dark all day. And lack of water can leave you drowsy, so getting used to topping up on water throughout the day is a great habit to get into.

Prep your space

You harness the power of essential oils for relaxation, so why not do the same when looking for an energy boost? We created Scent to Boost Your Energy for this very reason, as botanicals are SO GREAT at this. For your home diffuser or Wellbeing Pod, try Feel Refreshed. This scent features sweet basil and Sicilian lemon – lemon of course being the ultimate when it comes to ZEST. A wellbeing boost that will leave you refreshed and revived. Find out more about the energy-boosting qualities of our different ingredients here.

Wellbeing Pod

Get proper sleep

Proper energy begins with proper rest. Effective sleep is SO IMPORTANT for your overall wellbeing, and if you’re doing this right, the increased energy will follow. Create a bedtime routine (and stick to it), switch the scent in your bedroom to one that will help you unwind, and enjoy feeling refreshed and revived when you wake up.

The NEOM energy routine

After your morning workout, power your shower with Energy Burst Body Wash, followed by Great Day Magnesium Body Butter to help muscle recovery, or Energy Burst Body Oil to set you up for the day.

Switch the scent in your Wellbeing Pod of diffuser to our Feel Refreshed Essential Oil Blend (or Focus the Mind).

If you feel your energy dipping throughout the day, try warming a few drops of Energising Hand Balm in your palms, cupping over nose and mouth and breathing in for 7 seconds, then out for 11.

When it’s time for bed, remove the day with our Perfect Night’s Sleep Cleansing Balm, containing wonderfully relaxing natural ingredients like almond oil and elderflower extract. If you have time for a bath, wonderful! Make sure you add an oil or Bath Foam that will help you unwind. Even if you have time for nothing but a spritz of Pillow Mist before your eyes crash shut, the lavender and chamomile can’t help but send you off into a deep, restorative sleep. The ultimate hack for an energised tomorrow!

Wellbeing Pod Great Day Magnesium Body Butter pillow mist

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