Feel GOOD Gifts. Got Personal

Receiving a FEEL GOOD gift, a gift which says "I know how you feel," there really is nothing like it.

Feel GOOD Gifts. Got Personal

Whether you’re in search of a gift for your high-flying bestie, for a tired new mum (or for whoever you call mum), for a serious partying sister or simply anyone who needs some zen, NEOM gifts of natural wellbeing are supercharged with the power of FEEL GOOD. And here’s the ones we’re picking…

Real Luxury 3 Wick Scented Candle

“It’s my friend's birthday coming up and we don't get to see that much of each other because I am up north and she is down south. Sob. So I always like to send her a NEOM goodie. This year will be extra special as I just love the cute Happy Birthday sleeve design. Inside I am picking a simple Real Luxury Candle. I know she loves it so I am playing it safe.” Chloe, PR Manager.

Great Day Wonder Balm and Great Day Body Scrub

“I am not sure if I will see my mum on Mother’s Day, so I am sending a little sprinkling of Happiness and giving The Gift of Happy Skin. My mum has been wanting to try the NEW Wonder Balm for ages - so I thought I would treat her.” Charlotte, Social Media Manager

“My sister has been having a bit of a rough time the past few months so to surprise her I am giving her a Just for You sleeve with The Gift of Happy Days & Sleepy Nights - because what better wish is there for someone you love?” Lucy, Content Manager.