Your Wellbeing Toolkit: 6 Ways to Lift Your Mood

Tips from our community of experts

Your Wellbeing Toolkit: 6 Ways to Lift Your Mood

January is a grind in the best of years, but as we’re coming out of the strangest Christmases in living memory, all of our positive vibes will be tested to the max. That’s why we’re looking to our community of experts because if there’s one thing 2020 taught us, it’s that nobody is alone on their wellbeing journey. Every little helps right now, so try just one of these tiny tips and watch it make a BIG difference to your mood.

1. Step outside.

Dr Faye Begeti, Neurology doctor and Neuroscientist (@the_brain_doctor) says natural light is key for staying positive: “If you’re feeling sluggish this January, it may be because you are not getting enough natural light. Inside our brain, there is a master clock called the suprachiasmatic nucleus which can be found just above the nerves from behind our eyes. Natural light, even on a very cloudy and dreary winter day, has a powerful effect on regulating this clock and, with reduced commuting due to working from home, most of us are missing out this effect. To make use of this, spend some time outside even if it’s just for a minute whilst you’re still in your PJs and drinking your morning cuppa.”

2. Scent your space.

We believe in setting yourself up for success on your wellbeing journey, this should be a JOY, not a chore. Every ingredient in our 100% natural Scent to Make You Happy range is selected to lift the mood and the dark days of January are the perfect time to get this on the go. Having mimosa, neroli, orange, peppermint and jasmine burning in your living room will only help your mood lift.

3. Check yourself.

Dr Emma Svanberg (@mumologst) recommends checking in you’re your goals to work out if they’re helping you or hindering. “Every day, review what it is you are asking of yourself - whether that's with work, family life, self-care. See what is adding pressure and think about how to reduce it. Remember we are living through a stressor and our bodies are acting accordingly. So now is a time to make life easy not pile on pressure".

4. Give something back.

We just went through the gift-giving season, but if it makes you feel good why stop? Science actually shows that helping others helps YOUR mood. It doesn’t have to be by giving a present, think of reaching out to someone you know would appreciate it, pick up some shopping for a neighbour or do something small to help your community, like donating some tins to a food bank. You’ll brighten someone else’s January as well as your own!

5. Let go.

Joshua Fletcher (@anxityjosh) feels the same way as we do about New Year’s goals, and as soon as you banish that self-made pressure you’ll feel instantly better: “Stop trying to fix yourself. Tis the season for nauseating self-improvement, particularly in the new year. You are not broken, so stop trying to fix yourself. Obviously, it's healthy to have goals and to alter things in your life to make you feel better, but try not to be dragged into transformational goals that negate the fact that you are absolutely fine just the way you are.”

6. Put yourself first.

Self-care expert and author Jayne Hardy recommends switching-up your priorities. Are you doing enough for YOU right now? Working out what you need is half the battle, so start small: “My wellbeing tip is to always ask what I need from the day rather than what the day needs from me. It's a powerful reframe.”