My Home Haven

How I have been using essential oils to create the right moods in the right places in my home.

My Home Haven

Our homes are not just the place we live. They have become our gyms, classrooms, morning space, midday space and night time space and everything in between. So, I have been thinking about how I can make it the loveliest possible place right now. How I can make small changes, use essential oils and create the right moods in the right places of my home, so we can all keep productive, feel calm and happy and generally look after our wellbeing.

Create comfort and calm

There’s no doubt that things got a little stressy, our world changed dramatically in a very short space of time - hello roller coaster of emotions - exhaustion, frustration and my old friend anxiety. One moment we were at Le Manoir cooking and talking about our newest fragrance Bedtime Hero, the next we were flipping the company on its head and all chatting via Zoom at home (with the kids going nuts in the background).

But, what I have come to learn over the many years of struggling with anxiety is to whip open my calm toolkit (see more of that HERE) and create an ultimate calm zone. The way I am doing this keeping reed diffusers dotted around the living room, and when the whole family comes together each evening - I light a Real Luxury Candle - the whole family knows it’s time to chill. Real Luxury is known as the ‘cashmere’ blanket in our collection. So whether we’re snuggling up or sitting by a window (slightly ajar) with the sun streaming in and all reading, it really works to help us feel good.

real luxury diffuser real luxury 3 wick Real Luxury Home Mist

Mental Clarity

Mental Clarity

There are times when we all need to ‘crack on’. Yes, these times are unusual, but I have learned from the bank of experts we have at our fingertips at NEOM that routine is key.

So, the new Focus The Mind Essential Oil Blend literally couldn’t have come at a better time. Every day, we’re up and dressed for breakfast as a family, and the pod goes on and we’re ready for the day. Not only does this oil give me mental clarity to help me bash through my to-do list, (and give my home office some ompf), keeping this routine also helps our mental wellbeing too.

Feel good for all the family

Even though every night is a night in. Friday’s still feel different. For us it’s time where we have a family zoom, quizzes and hang out together. Feel Good Vibes Essential Oil Blend + lots of music = Feel good fun.

Relax and prepare for sleep

Relax and Prepare for Sleep

Sleep can feel like a distant memory. I have always been a pretty good sleeper, but lately it’s been harder. As with routine during the day. A bedtime routine is key, as the kids can pretty much sort themselves these days (hallelujah), so in the evening I take a bath with some Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath Foam. I light a candle and do mindful breathing in the bath as it helps the oils work harder. I use NEOM’s Perfect Night's Sleep Face Cleanser (which takes literally every scrap of make-up off and then follow with the Perfect Night’s Sleep Face Oil – a couple of drops smell divine. I read for half an hour, write in my diary, then a spritz of Pillow Mist and I am asleep.

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