Get To Know REAL LUXURY: Our First-Ever Fragrance

Everything you ever need to know about our Real Luxury fragrance.

Get To Know REAL LUXURY: Our First-Ever Fragrance

For me, calm really is a superpower. My default state is ON and like a lot of people, I suffer from anxiety, so I’ve had to really work at finding my own calm toolkit. When I do find that calm whether it’s thanks to my bedtime bath, meditation, exercise or by using essential oils, there’s nothing like it. What works for me might not work for you, but NEOM products are here to help you find what REALLY works. It’s a journey and there’s no set formula, but funnily enough, that journey was what lead to me founding NEOM, and the very first fragrance I made was Real Luxury.

I developed Real Luxury after making tinctures and blends for myself, friends and family. I had noticed a lot of the people in my life were experiencing the same near-burnout that I was, and there wasn’t much out there to help, it was either synthetic or you had the buy the raw ingredients from a health shop. I knew I wanted something that was natural, that felt really luxurious, that would also give a wellbeing boost. This for me meant choosing the right oils and ingredients.

My heroes of Real Luxury are lavender, which is is steam distilled from the freshly cut flowers of the Lavandula Officinalis, which is grown in the mountains of France. The high altitude is a key factor in producing a purer oil. Brazilian rosewood, which is a steam-distilled oil made from the chipped wood of the Aniba Roseadora and, jasmine from Egypt. It takes many thousands of jasmine blossoms to produce just 1 kilo of this intensely floral, heady, waxy and diffusive, almost honey-like.

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These three wonder-oils are great for calming anxiety and reducing stress levels: lavender is calming, while jasmine can even help relieve symptoms of anxiety. They’re incredibly relaxing and soothing, not only giving you a boost at the time you use them but helping promote great sleep too. And I’m religious about great sleep helping you be your best you. The addition of Brazilian rosewood is one of the things that makes Real Luxury feel like a treat – it’s a really rich, spicy wood scent that just transforms your space. It’s present in a lot of high-end fragrances for good reason, but I really believe you shouldn’t have to choose between wellbeing and luxurious scent.

So, you can see why this year why our Real Luxury fragrance got itself a beautiful limited-edition design and box. This is the perfect time of year, after all, to be enjoying the little things, spreading good vibes and giving gifts that really mean something. This year has been a roller coaster and we’ve all had to dig into our resilience, so when you realise you have successfully got through another day with your calm intact, it’s a real achievement. And yes, being able to maintain that for yourself is a superpower, so gifting something your loved one can use to find their own balance is one of the best things we can do for each other. You’re not just giving a candle or an oil blend, you’re giving a natural tool to help someone through stormy waters.

Real Luxury was our first fragrance but it’s stayed a favourite because it just smells amazing, and there’s nothing like putting a few drops in your Wellbeing Pod and feeling your home haven come to life. It’s become known as the ‘cashmere blanket’ in our collection, like a warm calming hug, and it’s the scent that lets me know I’m home and in my own haven, with permission to relax and wind down from the day. That, to me, is a feeling of real luxury and a little thing, that means so much.

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