How Team NEOM Use Magnesium Throughout Their Day

From kickstarting our day to promoting a better night’s sleep…

How Team NEOM Use Magnesium Throughout Their Day

Magnesium is a pretty important mineral when it comes to our overall health. If you don’t know much about it, have a read of this to find out more. Here at NEOM, we’re all about looking out for our wellbeing and our team is pretty clued up on how to keep our magnesium levels in check. From kickstarting our day to aiding muscle recovery and even ensuring we’re eating a well-balanced diet, here’s exactly how we use it throughout our day…

For Post-Workout Recovery

“I try to go to the gym most mornings as it really helps set me up for a busy day at my desk so I swear by our Great Day Magnesium Body Butter for easing my muscles after a good workout. I massage it in all over and find that I don’t get as many aches and pains as I used to. The wild mint and mandarin scent is also really uplifting and helps give an added boost to my mood.” – Katie Atkinson, eCommerce Trading Manager

For A Well-Balanced And Nutritious Diet

“Magnesium is a true superstar and it’s a mineral that’s really important to our body. Stress regularly uses magnesium (alongside vitamin B and C) so it’s vital we get enough through out diet. It also helps with digestion, so I am super conscious to get enough through the foods I eat. I’ll often add spinach to my morning omelette, avocado in my salads at lunch and a few squares of dark chocolate in the evening with a glass of red.” – Nihal Gulsan, Technical Manager

For A Better Night’s Sleep

“When it comes to health and wellbeing, I put sleep high on my priority list as one of the basics to get right and have certainly found that I function so much better if I’ve had a good night. One thing which really helps me (alongside a long soak in the bath) is our Bedtime Hero Magnesium Body Butter which uses chamomile and ylang ylang to help me to unwind. I apply religiously before bed and will even get out of bed if I’ve forgotten. It really does help me to sleep better.” – Nicola Elliott, Founder & Creative Director

For A Skin-Smoothing Self-Care Treat

“After a busy working week, I always try to unwind by spending a little more time on my skin and body care routine. The Real Luxury Magnesium Body Butter not only helps to top up my magnesium levels transdermally which gives my overall wellbeing a boost, but it makes my skin feel so soft and supple thanks to the inclusion of shea butter and coconut oil. The Real Luxury is also my all-time favourite NEOM scent.” – Natalie Best, Customer Marketing Manager

For Kick-Starting The Day

“Working from home can often blur the lines between work-life and home-life and getting going in the mornings with two kids in tow can be a struggle. I’ve found a cool shower (with our Super Shower Power Body Cleanser of course) followed by our Complete Bliss Magnesium Body Butter really helps me to get going and set me up for a productive day.” – Lucy Gill, Head Of Content

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