TOP 10 Things We Are Asked About The Most

We love hearing from our NEOM community, especially when we can help solve some of your burning questions! So we answered the top 10 most asked questions.

TOP 10 Things We Are Asked About The Most

We could talk about our products and natural ingredients for hours. In fact, we frequently do! So we love it when you get in touch to let us know how NEOM makes YOU feel good. And when questions arise we’re here for you… these are our top 10 most-asked-about topics, that seem to crop up, time and time again.

1. How often should I apply the SPF Moisturiser to get sun protection?

Our SPF Moisturisers are made to be used as a primer and part of a skincare routine, as well as a sunscreen - with SPF 30 + UVA protection. To get your daily protection, one application in the morning after cleansing and a dab of serum - BUT before make-up is perfect for protecting you from UVA and sun damage in everyday life. It’s as effective as any other sun cream with it’s SPF 30 sunscreen, but also like any other it should be reapplied regularly, especially if in the sun.

Generally speaking, you should re-apply SPF every two hours. However if you are spending a lot of time outdoors, going swimming or sweating a lot you should re-apply it throughout the day. If you normally burn after 10 minutes of unprotected sun exposure, you multiply that number by the SPF rating that you are using. That is how long your sun protection will last. For example, if you burn after 10 minutes of unprotected sun exposure and you are wearing SPF 30 you will get 5 hours of sun protection (10 minutes x 30 = 5 hours).


2. What is the nano oxide in your SPF Moisturiser?

We know how hard it can be to find natural, effective sun protection, so we made one! We use natural mineral zinc oxide. Zinc oxide protects against UVA and UVB light rays and is used as a natural, non-toxic sunscreen to prevent burns, signs of photoaging and irritation. You won’t get any tell-tale white marks from our products either, they sink into your skin beautifully, and you can rest easy knowing everything is natural. Watch our video here for more info about our SPF Moisturiser.

Great Day Glow SPF Ultimate Calm SPF

3. Should my face wash be foaming, and how is it different from the Cleansing Balm?

Our Great Day Glow Face Wash and Ultimate Calm Face Wash are no-foam zones! These come out of the tube in a jelly-like consistency, and turn lovely and milky when they meet water. Squeeze a little into your palm and rub your hands together with a little water before applying to your face. These washes don’t need to foam to be working, so don’t worry about piling on more product or massaging too vigorously, you will get the benefits of the natural ingredients from gentle application. Watch our video here for more info.

While the face washes can of course be used at night, we also created Perfect Night’s Sleep Cleansing Balm & Cloth, because we wanted a product especially for use with our night time system, too, and there’s something just so comforting about a thicker balm sinking into your skin after a long day.

The balm is formulated especially to lift dirt and remove make-up (and has added natural rice powder to deeply clean skin). Oh and not forgetting the scent is wonderful for winding you down into that bedtime routine. For more on the Cleansing Balm watch our video here.

Cleansing Balm

4. Which products can I use during pregnancy?

Almost all NEOM products are safe to use during pregnancy, because our levels of essential oil are perfectly diluted with other natural ingredients to be both safe and effective. The ONLY products to avoid on your skin are our Bath & Shower Drops, and our Essential Oil Blends. However, you can still use the Essential Oil Blends in the Wellbeing Pod diffuser, just don’t apply them directly to your skin.

5. Are your products vegan?

All our products are vegetarian, and some are vegan. However, all of our candles contain a very small amount of beeswax. We also use beeswax in some of our products, a full list of which can be found here. For our tips and picks of which vegan products to try first, read more here.

Intensive Skin Treatment Candle Pillow Mist Perfume

Sleep Products

6. How do I use your products for sleep?

We wanted better sleep. So we created different ways to help, no matter what your routine might be.

Which scent is for you though? If you’re into lavender there’s the Perfect Night’s Sleep fragrance. Or, if you’d rather some fresh and fruity (but still sleepy) vibes then Bedtime Hero is for you.

The Scent to Sleep range lets you pick your favourite products, from Magnesium Body Butters to candles, all using the most potent relaxing expert essential oil blends known to the natural world. “They really are beautifully formulated and very effective”. Rhiannon Lewis, aromatherapist and director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants. We’re talking lavender, basil, jasmine, chamomile and more. We think any product picked from this range will help you relax and prepare for sleep, but if you want something more specific…

Bathtime: If a bath is already an essential part of your personal routine, perhaps we can help enhance it with essential oils. Read more on the topic of bathtime here.

Bedtime routine: Yoga… a good book… silk pyjamas… everyone swears by something different when it comes to better sleep. But to help find out what works for YOU, why not try this bedtime routine out for size as a starting point. Once you know what works, you can add in additional products to help complement it.

Candle Essential Oil Face Oil

Magnesium Body Butter

7. Can you really absorb magnesium through your skin, and what is a Magnesium Body Butter?

The short answer is: Yes you can (and you should!) absorb magnesium through your skin. Studies have shown that taking this mineral transdermally allows you to bypass your digestive system, giving magnesium direct access to your muscles. Taking it via a body butter like ours which has a high enough level of the mineral to be effective. For more on the studies and different factors at play, read more here.

Great Day Magnesium Body Butter Complete Bliss Magnesium Body Butter

8. Are NEOM candles and home fragrances safe to use around pets?

Our products are natural, and many of us at NEOM HQ use our products around our pets - Harry the dog (Founder Nicola’s pup) was (when we were all in the office) always surrounded. BUT as we have never tested them on animals (and every animal can react differently to essential oils), we always recommend speaking to your vet so they can give tailored advice.

Wellbeing Pod

9. How can I clean my Wellbeing Pod?

We always recommend keeping your Pod clean and dry when not in use, and to avoid leaving old water in it for more than 48 hours. This should help prolong the time between filter cleans, but if you notice the mist reducing significantly, simply follow these instructions to clean your Pod.

10. How did NEOM start up, and what is Nicola’s favourite product?

Our Founder Nicola Elliott started NEOM after noticing her own stress levels while working long hours as a journalist, and those of her friends. She trained as an aromatherapist and with the help of co-founder Oliver, NEOM Organics was born! She would whip up blends for friends and loved ones (in fact, Tranquillity was created for her sister who was having trouble sleeping), so Nic realised she could help people feel good at different moments, whether needing sleep, an energy boost, or something else. And that mantra sustains us.