Five Ways to Re-Use Your Empty Candle Glass

Sustainable living is all about taking small steps every day. It’s a journey not a sprint, and our latest obsession is repurposing our candle jars when the wax is gone.

Five Ways to Re-Use Your Empty Candle Glass

It’s always sad when your favourite candle burns out, but we’ve been easing the blow by repurposing the glass in creative ways. It’s one less thing thrown out, and they are genuinely very useful! For a start, our candles are paraffin-free so they burn completely clean, you shouldn’t have any black marks on your glass. Pop it in the freezer for a few hours and any remaining wax should chip away, and you can use hot soapy water for the residue if you need to. Then, it’s time to get creative…

Make a mini planter

Okay so the obvious thing to do it to put some water in a candle jar, add some stems and voila, a stylish vase! But if you’re feeling a bit more creative, our glass jars are perfect for creating a mini planter for a succulent, as you’ll see all the layers. Start with some small stones or gravel for drainage, layer sand on top and then add the correct compost for your chosen plant. Make sure you have at least a quarter inch stem on your cutting, make a well in the compost and nestle it in. These make really great gifts as well as decoration for you.

If you’re using a solid jar like our 4 Wick Candles or Intensive Skin Treatment Candles, you can use them directly with soil and any plant you like. If you can find a mini pot that will go inside the candle jar then that’s perfect as you can still have drainage, otherwise, put your soil directly into the candle jar but make sure you’re homing a plant that doesn’t need much water.


(Thank you @l8ucy for this beautiful image!)

Bathroom storage

Aside from the alluring scent, a lot of thought goes into the look and design of a candle. We can certainly vouch for that! And it’s such a shame to just discard them when the wax is gone. Luckily candle jars tend to be the perfect size for: makeup brushes, cotton swabs, hair bands, bobby pins and loads of other bathroom essentials, so you can store your things together while keeping the stylish look of your bathroom shelf.

Desk tidy

Working from home has certain perks, one of which being you get to create your own space, that helps YOU concentrate. So treating yourself to some inspirational storage is just one small way you can personalise your desk. Our smaller Travel Candles are the perfect size for storing paper clips and smaller items, while the taller jars are perfect for your stationery. You’ll never be without a pencil again!


(Thank you @my_house_on_abbey_road for this lovely picture!)


It sounds like a no-brainer, but candle jars are actually perfect for storing matches. No longer do you need to hide your box away! You can keep the candle cycle going and always have a match to hand. SO handy when you want an instant wellbeing boost from your favourite blend.


This is particularly good if you have a hearth, mantelpiece or hallway table in need of some decorative display. Take a few glass jars, a mixture of different sizes works well, and fill them with shells from your latest holiday, pretty pebbles or coloured stones. An instant way to brighten up your living area and a reminder of our latest trip.