How To Run The Perfect NEOM Bath

From the optimal temperature to the ideal depth and the very best products, here’s our best advice…

How To Run The Perfect NEOM Bath

Being able to switch off and relax is easier done when life feels like it moves at a million miles an hour. While there are lots of things you can try to induce a moment of calm, nothing is quite so blissful (or reliable) as a long, hot soak. Wondering how to run the perfect bath? Let us help you…

Table of Contents:

  • The Benefits Of Bathing
  • How To Run The Ultimate Bath
  • The Very Best Bath Products

The Benefits Of Bathing

Of all the remedies available, from meditation to mindfulness, bathing remains one of the easiest yet most potent ways to improve your wellbeing. Thanks to its ability to soothe both an aching body and a busy mind, the impact your wellbeing (and mood) can be significant.

One of the ways bathing can affect your wellbeing is through its influence on your circadian rhythm and sleep. Circadian rhythms are 24-hour cycles that govern functions like sleep and digestion. As part of your sleep/wake cycle, your core body temperature gently fluctuates, becoming slightly higher through the day before dropping again at night in preparation for sleep. In an ideal world, this temperature would follow a steady pattern but, in reality, there are a number of things like stress and insomnia that can easily disrupt it. This can mean your rhythm is ‘flat’ or out of sync.

Despite seeming like such a mundane act, bathing can be an incredibly potent way to redress your cycles - particularly your sleep/wake cycle, which it does by raising core body temperature. Better synchronicity also aids better sleep habits and appetite, both of which contribute to better wellbeing. As well as improving these biological functions, bathing can help to increase the production of serotonin and endorphins - two of the neurotransmitters responsible for wellbeing and happiness.

In addition to powerful benefits for the mind and mood, a long soak in the tub can help your physical health too, increasing blood flow through your body, oxygenating your blood, improving your lung capacity and helping you to breathe deeper and easier. Being submerged in warm water can also help reduce inflammation.

How To Run The Ultimate Bath

From the optimal temperature to the ideal depth, here are our top tips…

Finding The Perfect Bath Temperature

Although there’s no perfect science to running a bath and personal preference should always play a part, for the most therapeutic benefits, your bathwater should be around 40C. Essentially a little warmer than body temperature, which is about 37C.

The Depth Of Your Bath

In terms of how much water to run, aim for a tub that’s 65-70% full. You want it to come up to your neck when submerged, but it shouldn’t be so full that it could overflow when you get in.

Set (And Scent) The Mood

If there’s one sure-fire way to ruin a blissful bath it’s bad lighting. That means turning off any glaring overhead lights and creating a calming ambience with candlelight instead. If you plan to bathe before bed, there’s another reason why it’s crucial to adjust the lighting, “Bathroom lights can be bright and tend to be on the blue end of the spectrum, which can inhibit the production of melatonin and delay our sleep,” says Jessica Lansberry, NEOM’s Senior Retail and Education Manager. Depending on whether you want to switch off, induce sleep or simply relax and enjoy the water, our collection of luxury essential oil Scented Candles have you covered. Light as many as you can (around 10 minutes before your bath to allow them time to mellow) and revel in the scented serenity of your space.

Preparing Your Post-Bath Ritual

To get the most out of your bath, you should aim to be in the water for at least 20 minutes. Any longer than around 30 minutes could start to strip your skin of moisture so knowing when to get out and dry off is also important. And when it comes to drying off, ensure your bath finishes as well as it began by having a clean, fluffy towel or robe to hand as soon as you step out. For the loveliest touch of luxury go one further and drape your bath sheet or dressing gown over a warm radiator so that it envelops your skin in a blanket of warmth once you leave the water.

The Very Best Bath Products

One of the great joys of bathing is choosing what to add in and there’s no better feeling than sinking into water that has been transformed with frothy bubbles or a silky milk...

Essential Oils For The Perfect Bath

If you’re not sure where to start but boosting your mood is high on the agenda, our Essential Oil Blends make perfect bath-time companions. The 16-strong collection harnesses the power of aromatherapy to deliver endless benefits, whether you want to feel energised, de-stressed or ready for sleep. For best results, “add these at the end to ensure they dissolve into a full tub of water and avoid any risk of direct contact with the skin prior to this,” advises Lydia Korol-Bluring, NEOM’S Head of Product. “Two to three drops are all you need for the fragrant burst of your choice.” For a totally seamless scented experience, add a few drops of your chosen oil into your Wellbeing Pod as well and place in your bathroom. If you can, close the door while the hot water runs and the oil begins to diffuse into the room; the combination of steam and essential oil will create a spa-like sanctuary that will take your bath to the next level.

How To Nourish Your Skin In The Bath

For an everyday soak that guarantees instant relaxation, our SLS-free Bath Foams are available in a range of scents and are blended with soothing essential oils to soften and nourish skin and promote calm. To elevate tub time into something altogether more indulgent, why not try our NEW Magnesium Bath Milks. Formulated to provide soothing relief to both body and mind we’ve got two scented formulas to choose from - Real Luxury and Perfect Night’s Sleep. Both contain a blend of skin-loving organic oils that nourish and balance, as well as magnesium to remineralise skin, enhance its natural hydration and reduces muscular aches and pains.

The Final Step To The Perfect Bath

And finally, to turn your bath time into a proper pampering treatment, why not show your skin some love with one of our bestselling Body Scrubs which will gently slough away dead skin cells to reveal softer, smoother skin. “Exfoliating at the end of a bath is particularly effective [as] soaking in a warm bath helps to clean and soften the skin, preparing it for effective exfoliation, “adds Jessica.

Oh and one last thing... keep the skin nourishment going post-bath and apply one of our much-loved Magnesium Body Butters. With five scents to choose from, we love Perfect Night’s Sleep or Bedtime Hero if you’re planning on hopping straight into bed.

Let us help you on your journey to better wellbeing through our complete collection of feel-good favourites - all expertly blended with 100% natural essential oils to help you with better sleep, less stress, more energy or a lifted mood.