Precious. Potent. Pure. Our Most Luxurious Essential Oil Blends Are Here

Just gotta have some pure indulgence AND ultimate calm?

Precious. Potent. Pure. Our Most Luxurious Essential Oil Blends Are Here

Just gotta have some serious luxury AND ultimate calm? Surround your home and envelope yourself with precious, potent and pure natural fragrance – these sophisticated essential oil blends might just be your new best friends.

Inspired by fine fragrance these two new seriously potent Essential Oil Blends have arrived just in time for when the nights are drawing in, and you’re craving an extra moment of calm in the run up to Christmas.

Tempted yet? Our founder Nicola Elliott says: “We’ve blended some of the world’s most luxurious and expensive essential oils to give you the most amazing essential oil blends ever. They not only smell incredible but they boost your wellbeing too. They are simply perfect as the nights draw in, we’re staying home, and you want to envelope yourself in pure luxury.”

Let’s meet the blends…

Add a touch of luxury and get an intensely calming boost, like no other.

A special collection of sophisticated blends that are beautifully crafted with hand-picked ingredients and the purest possible essential oils, all blended in the UK.

We sourced the very finest and purest oils from around the world, hunting down the best of the best, and then applied our wellbeing knowledge to make the blends not only incredibly beautiful but serious wellbeing boosters too.

Black Pepper & Bergamot Essential Oil Blend

Confident, uplifting bergamot is the hero here, and ours is cold expressed in Italy so it’s the purest of the pure. It’s subtle and fruity but also slightly woody, which is why it balances so well with the warming strength of black pepper from India. 11 other precious oils work together in this blend to create strength in a bottle.

Steam distilled cypress oil, nutty cardamom and earthy nutmeg bring more warmth, and cedar and sandalwood dial up the woody freshness. Everything about this blend says HARMONIOUS & STRONG – envelop your home in this and feel ready to grasp whatever the day or night throws at you, and boss life like a CEO.

Ylang Ylang, Vetivert & Tonka Bean Essential Oil Blend

Where would fine fragrance be without florals? This heady bouquet of scent is the sophisticated counterpart to our punchy Black Pepper & Bergamot.

The sensuality of exotic ylang ylang from Madagascar is balanced by the sweetness of South American tonka bean and smoky vetivert. Sandalwood oil is extracted from one of the most expensive woods in the world – actually it might be THE most expensive wood in the world – and it gives a rich, intoxicating depth to this blend of 13 oils.

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A Wellbeing boost

With us it’s never JUST about the scent. Here’s how our two new Essential Oil Blends give you a wellbeing boost.

Black Pepper & Bergamot
This blend might be all about power and clarity, but bergamot itself has calming properties too. Cypress oil is soothing, while lavender and vetiver are the sharp influences you need to bring stillness and focus to the mind.

Ylang Ylang, Vetivert & Tonka Bean
Ylang ylang and jasmine are sensual, feel-good essential oils that improve your mood, while transporting you to exotic climes. We’ve blended them with naturally calming oils like tonka bean and lavender this time, to give you the ultimate moment to exhale and feel GOOD.

How to use

If you already have a Wellbeing Pod or diffuser, these are the two new bottles of luxury you need to try. Just switch out one of your usual scents (making sure to clean out any excess first) and feel yourself wrapped in pure luxury.

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