Meditation 101

If all the latest pandemic updates has got you feeling anxious and stressed - one antidote we’ve found is giving meditation a go.

Meditation 101

If all the latest pandemic updates has got you feeling anxious and stressed - one antidote we’ve found is giving meditation a go. If it doesn’t sound like your bag, or you’ve never done it before, we’ve enlisted Fiona Lamb, Hypnotherapist at Harley Street and Founder of app Mind Detox, to give us weekly meditations over on Instagram (join in with Fiona Lamb's meditation class on our Instagram here) and who we asked to give us a beginners guide.

Fiona Lamb

Why meditate?

Meditation allows you to take control of your thoughts and as a result, your life. With practise you weaken neural pathways and old ways of thinking to create new ones. You become more grounded, settled and less reactive to life's challenges. Meditation improves your concentration because we allow the mind to fully relax and restore, clearing out the clutter. We push down thoughts and feelings that arise in our everyday lives, and if these are not processed and released, they can start to build up. When your mind goes into a theta brain state you can effectively process and let go of what has been unconsciously causing you to feel irritable or anxious.

Ways to take the first step?

Shorter meditations can last just 5 minutes and still have amazing effects. I have also included a Mindful Walk and Calm in the Car exercises in the app for those who don’t find the time to meditate but still want to take control of their thoughts. When you are busy is actually the most important time to meditate. When you rush and your mind is cluttered you are more likely to make mistakes.

Step-by-step guide?

  1. Set the tone wherever you decide to meditate. Light candles or diffuse some essential oils, and create a space where you feel comfortable to sit or lay down. Grab a pillow, a blanket, whatever evokes feelings of calm and relaxation for you.
  2. Find the perfect guided meditation. Take a moment to tune in, no matter what time of day it is, to follow your intuition on how to best serve you.
  3. Starting with your feet, check in with each part of your body, slowly working your way up. Acknowledge any tension, accepting that it exists in the first place. Release and let go, continuing all the way up to your head.
  4. Focus your attention on the breath. Most of us go about our day breathing shallowly from the chest rather than from the belly. Notice where you’re at currently and begin to slow down each inhale and exhale. The belly will start to rise and fall as the breath deepens.
  5. Thoughts will come up so release judgement. Meditation takes practice, and we can never really stop our minds from running completely. Be patient with yourself. As each thought comes, acknowledge and accept its presence, releasing it and focusing your attention back to the breath. You will start to see patterns that arise, noticing themes that you can focus on. You can keep a notebook near you to write things down that stick out, especially if you’re just starting out. This can help you to better tailor your practice and perhaps you then find a guided meditation that addresses this recurring topic. In a theta relaxed state your mind is very open to new ideas and you can change your ways of thinking.

NEOM essential oils for meditation

NEOM Guide to Essential Oils For Meditation

Essential oils are the perfect little sidekick to use during meditation. The simplest way is to light a candle and let the scent be released into the air whilst you breathe. Another way is to keep reed diffusers dotted about. Or another way is to diffuse through the Wellbeing Pod, which freshens and purifies the air and creates a clean and calm space.

Moment of Calm - A calming and relaxing blend with floral rose and precious neroli. Helps lift mood and promote feelings of peace.

Bedtime Hero - With chamomile, ylang ylang and cedarwood. Promotes restful sleep and has anti-bacterial properties, thanks to it's ingredients.

You can find more guided meditations on our Instagram here.

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