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Harness Aromatherapy with Small Candles

Our collection of small candles are packed full of 100% natural essential oils to not only fill your space with beautiful scent but to also boost your wellbeing too. Shop our bestselling aromatherapy candles which have all been expertly created to help you sleep better, stress less, have more energy or lift your mood.

Small candles are a great way for you to find a new favourite or for scenting smaller spaces. Try our soothing lavender candle in the bedroom to help send you off to sleep or take a look at some of our other bestsellers. We’ve even got mini candles for even smaller sized spaces or try lighting with one of our scented large candles to layer your chosen scents and create the ultimate set-up.

Essential Oil Candles for On The Go

Small candles are great for taking the benefits of aromatherapy with you, wherever or whenever you need a boost. Our calming travel candles are perfect for creating a moment of calm when you’re away from home and can work wonders for helping you to get that much loved home-from-home vibe. 

Our 1 wick candles will also do the trick. Why not pack an uplifting neroli candle to take with you on your travels. All of our essential oil candles are the perfect solution for boosting your wellbeing on-the-go thanks to their smaller size.

Small Candle Gifts for a Self Care Bundle

Looking for a personalised gift to really show you care? Our 100% natural candles are always well-received. Our luxury calming candles are a favourite for helping them to feel relaxed or the one that could do with a little pick-me-up, gift them one of our invigorating citrus candles for a real mood boost.

Pair one of our small candles with a scented room spray for the ultimate fragrance experience or choose from our collection of luxury bubble bath to help them create a spa-like atmosphere from the comfort of their own home.

Achieve Your Wellbeing Goals with NEOM

We’re big on boosting your wellbeing through our collection of aromatherapy products which includes our bestselling electric diffusers, exfoliating body scrubs, and natural hand balms. Each and every one of our products has been expertly created to help you with your sleep, stress, energy and mood.