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Scent Large Rooms with Mist Diffusers

Mist diffusers work by releasing a fine mist of water mixed with essential oils into the air. For those wanting to scent larger spaces, try our classic Wellbeing Pod and Wellbeing Pod Luxe. These electric diffusers each have a tank of water where you can place a few drops of your favourite NEOM Essential Oil Blend - the more drops the more intense the scent. With varying settings on our mist diffusers, you can easily control how much vapour is let into the air to create the perfect vibe.

Each of the ultrasonic diffusers uses very small, inaudible vibrations that release the scent into your space. If you’re looking for a home fragrance for your living room or open-plan kitchen, then these large diffusers will soon become your go-to.

Take Wellbeing On-The-Go with Small Diffusers

Smaller rooms not only call for a less intense mist, but also a smaller mist diffuser. Our Wellbeing Pod Mini is exactly that. The compact size of this nebulizing diffuser means it easily fits into small spaces - even the cup holder in your car. These mist diffusers only require you to screw in your bottle of calming essential oil, which will be transformed into a gentle mist to allow you to enjoy its scent.

Mist Diffuser Gift Sets with Essential Oils

Looking for the perfect gift to help boost their wellbeing? Treat them to a wellbeing gift set featuring a mist diffuser matched with one of our essential oil blends to help them with better sleep, less stress, more energy or perhaps a lifted mood.

For the ultimate wellbeing boost, choose a set that is home to a luxury candle to burn alongside their mist diffuser. Or why not try our bestselling pillow mist that helps calm the mind before bed.

Wellbeing Boosts with NEOM

Build your daily wellbeing toolkit with our collection of feel-good favourites. Shop luxurious 3 wick candles for cosy nights in, uplifting lemon essential oils, and nourishing skincare for your nighttime routine.